How Do I Become a Travel Nurse?

Have A PLAN!! Preparing for a travel nursing job doesn’t start once you’re an experienced nurse… It doesn’t start once you’ve graduated nursing school… it starts when you’re born! Are you good with stressful situations? Are you resourceful? Travel Nursing can present unique challenges and it takes a unique personality to handle them. When working with a recruiter towards gaining a travel nursing job, you can be without guaranteed employment for a period of time. You can be offered a travel nursing job that starts the next week and need to work at compliance abruptly the next few days as well as finding a living space at the same time. Contracts can shortened or in extreme situations cancelled. How would you react to any of these circumstances? Of course, you can never run into these situations and have gainful employment throughout but planning ahead is huge a part of making that possible.


We all have a plan of how our life is going to go… And then we find ourselves in places we never imagined. While it’s good to have input on areas or compensation expectations (realistic), having a dead set plan with no room for improvisation can cause hardships for yourself and the recruiter. So let’s try to avoid that and have a realistic conversation with yourself of what you’re expecting from an assignment. Negative happenings between you and facilities can affect your employability later. In some instances, you can be overlooked for travel nursing jobs at certain health care systems for the foreseeable future. If you truly are extremely flexible and open to different assignments that IS a positive. Commonly nurses end up in places they never imagined once they go over travel nursing jobs and areas anyways. Having no plan at all is okay, but only if you meet an experienced honest recruiter. An experienced travel nursing recruiter has a way of going over necessary information while also learning things about you as a person. Every recruiter is not the same. So developing your plan and ideas that’s right for you and then speaking with a recruiter is the best way to not waist yours or the recruiters time (they’re people too).

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