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Travel Nursing Jobs: How Much Can You Make in 2019

Travel nursing is a unique and exciting field that offers many challenges and opportunities for nurses to learn and grow. Due to a shortage of skilled nurses in some areas, hospitals are often willing to hire qualified travel nurses on a contract basis to fill in the gaps. And continue giving their patients the quality care they deserve. Travel nurses can generally work wherever they want and have all their housing and travel costs paid for. They also often receive a full benefits package. Depending on the location and type of assignment, travel nursing jobs can offer a competitive salary as well.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

There are many benefits to a travel nursing job. Some people become travel nurses because it gives them the opportunity to travel around the country. To see new places and meet new people. Others start out in travel nursing to gain the skills they need to increase their earning potential for future nursing jobs. Travel nurses can choose where they work, the specialty they want to work in, and the length of their contract. They can also avoid the politics that tend to bog down the typical nursing unit. That is benefit enough for some nurses. But many travel nurses simply do it for the money.

2019 Travel Nurse Salary

While staff nurses in a hospital are typically paid a set salary based on their education and nursing experience, the pay you can expect to receive as a travel nurse varies a great deal. Your nursing specialty, the location of the travel nursing assignment, the type of assignment, and your flexibility regarding available assignments are all variables that can affect your travel nursing pay. Truly, there is no nationwide average pay for travel nurses; the travel nurse salary for an assignment in New York may be quite different than the salary for an assignment in Minnesota. That being said, the salary for travel nursing jobs typically combines a taxable hourly pay and nontaxable reimbursements. In 2019, a travel nurse salary can range from approximately $78,000 to $104,000 per year.

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